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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Day 24, Phoenix Paper Crafters Create Daily Challenge

“When someone tries to trigger you by insulting you or by doing or saying something that irritates you, take a deep breath and switch off your ego.
Remember that if you are easily offended, you are easily manipulated.”

Today is day 24 of the Phoenix Paper Crafters Create Daily Challenge located HERE and today I am sharing a new card I made using salvaged pieces from one I’d made but (Ahem) dropped a black ink pad on.

I ended up tearing the original card to pieces when trying to dismantle but I managed to salvage the bird and the button brad.

There is a touch of a glitter pattern on the bird that has an iridescent look. I was able to dig some glitter cardstock scraps out of my scrap pile that actually works quite well with it.

A new embossed background and a a bit of layering and I have a card that can be used for whatever. I sometimes don’t use sentiments on the front.

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