Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shipman Fire near Kearney, Arizona

My husband was heading to Prescott for the memorial of our 19 when the call came in for him and his crew to head out to this fire!

Please pray for them all!

(Photo from AZCentral.com) https://www.facebook.com/azcentral

Photo: UPDATE: The Shipman Fire near Kearny has burned through at least two structures and forced evacuations in the area. Follow the latest LIVE: http://bit.ly/14ZpP42


Sandi said...

I'm praying there will be no more fires in our wonderful state. This photo is so close and I know how fast fire can move. We had a bad one in Show Low not that long ago and it did so much damage.

Cara said...

You and me both Sandi!
He was also called out to the Doce Fire ... his parents live in that area and were evacuated for about 48 hours. That was a little scary!
As for the Shipman Fire, luckily they sent his crew home after 24 hours ... which is good ... but sadly they missed the memorial which was where they were headed when this call came in.