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My Crafting Area

2019, after a make over in 2018.
I did some purging an rearranging.

This picture is pretty much the whole room. Its a loft with only one complete wall. Everything else is either half wall, pony wall or broken up by a window.

Shelving, drawers and bins from Ikea hold yarn, fabric, tools, silk flower and ribbon

Die cutting station

Bins on the left hold most of my embossing folders.
Bins on the right hold miscellaneous punches

THis shelf is strictly for stamp sets. If I have too manyt stamps to fit, I hav to purge.
The DVD holders just to the right hold my stamnp & die sets

This is where I keep most of my ink and other miscellaneous items. THe right is my lap top and tonic paper trimmer. Both can be moved and my sewing machine set up when I need it.

This is my work bench. (Pay no attention to the beer in the corner).
I prefer to stand when crafting but when coloring or doing small work, such as paper piecing, I can use the stool if I want.

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Sandra said...

Can't wait to see the new version of this all!!!!