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Monday, February 15, 2021

Day 15, Phoenix Paper Crafters Create Daily Challenge

O, money can't buy the delights of the glen,
Nor Poetry sing all its charms:
There's a solace and calm ne'er described by the pen
When we're folded within Nature's arms!
~James Rigg, "Nutting Time," Wild Flower Lyrics and Other Poems, 1897

Today is day 15 of the Phoenix Paper Crafters Create Daily Challenge located HERE and I am sharing a card that can be used for almost any occasion.

I was flipping through my book of UFO’s (Un-Finished Objects, Isn’t this hilarious? I picked it up from another crafter. Makes so much sense!)

Anyway, I digress!

As I was saying … I was flipping through my book of UFO’s looking for something to work on and settled on a fairly stuffed pocket thinking there HAD to be something interesting inside and emptied it out on my work bench …

It appeared to be mostly card bases that I had created but probably decided to go with something else at the time and just filed them away for later use … which explains why they were all stuffed into the same pocket.

Sorting through the mess I made, I found a 5 x 7 card base that had an attached blue embossed front.

With that I went to my basket of unused die cuts (which I really need to do something with!). I remember seeing some things I thought would work with the blue card base and lucky me I found them: A pile of die cut green clouds (which I have no idea why I cut them) and a die cut tree base that had been embossed with one of my wood look folders (which was for a Halloween card I'd started but then changed my mind and went in another direction.) A little more scrounging and I found a packet of die cut birds left overs from another card so BONUS!

Here is my completed card!

I layered out the green clouds and used foam dots to give dimension.
I then dug out my box of prima paper flowers and added some of those in pretty shades of pink and topped them with some yellow rhinestones from the dollar tree for the centers.

I then added the birds.

Quite often I do not add a sentiment to the front of my cards so they can be used for anything I need it for. Although this one sure seems very Spring like to me … so it will probably go out as an Easter card!

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