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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Day 14, Phoenix Paper Crafters Create Daily Challenge

I believe in God, and that there are pieces of him, called love and goodness, in everyone. I also believe in prayer, not the memorized type mumbled in church but the spontaneous kind spoken, ironically, in the last breath of the day, when the lamp has been dimmed and the bedspread drawn down, and it's just you and those pieces of God in you, alone.... I suspect that when a man grows too big to kneel, then he is destined to fall. ~Joseph Kita, "God," Wisdom of Our Fathers, 1999

Today is day 14 of the Phoenix Paper Crafters Create Daily Challenge located HERE and I am sharing a repurposed Christmas card.

I love Christmas and I hate tossing away the beautiful Christmas cards we receive each year from family and friends around the world. Some I have found perfect frames for and they are now displayed during the Holiday Season but frankly, I just don’t have room to keep these wonderful reminders of faith, love and friendship and I don’t have the heart to throw them in the recycle bin.

The next best thing is to save what I can and make a new card to share with someone we love.

This card was created using the front for a card I found while going through a box of photos from my mom’s place. The card base from another card I had made but damaged when I splattered the image with some ink I was using on another project. The sentiment is a die cut from my scrap bin which I rubbed a bit of gold ink over to give it a burnished look and the snowflakes, which I also rubbed ink on, are also from my stash and a left over from another project.

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