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Friday, September 2, 2022

Merry & Bright ...

The bells ring out, and how they dance
Below, around the Christmas Tree!
~Hiram Ladd Spencer, "To My Daughter: A Christmas Reverie," 1878

Good morning,
I finally went through a box of old Christmas cards I had from last Christmas as well as some a friend gave and proceeded to repurpose into new Christmas cards.

I had planned to take pictures of the cards before I start dismantling them but totally spaced so I have no before pictures. I also didn’t keep great track of what I used on all the cards I made so it could be hit or miss there!

Today I am sharing 3 cards I got from another old Christmas card. Always a bonus, 3 for 1!
These are so fun and I am delighted with the response!

Cardstock from The Paper Studio (Base)
Ink from Stampin Up!
Mulberry paper from Paperbilities
Sentiment from Unity Stamps

Thanks for stopping by!
(Hugs) Cara

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