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Friday, September 12, 2014

Honor Flights: I am Grateful

We have enjoyed so much freedom for so long that we are perhaps in danger of forgetting how much blood it cost to establish the Bill of Rights.
Felix Frankfurter

I had planned on posting this yesterday on 9-11-14, but I was remiss and did set the schedule and for that I am very sorry.

I want to say that everyday I wake up without shackles, seen and unseen on my wrists, I am grateful to a higher power and the men and women who have sacrificed much for this Country, This World.

I understand we may not agree on politics or religion or personal choice.
But the freedom to be able to express those opinions without physical or emotional retribution are invaluable and are a right for every living being. Period.

I made this card for a friend who had a special request for cards! If, after reading this, you would like to send a card too, the address is at the bottom.

The card is for her Uncle, a 92 year young WW2 Veteran. He spent the entire war aboard Liberty Boats carrying supplies to support our efforts in Europe and the Pacific. He is one of the lucky ones to have survived as the Liberties were a sought after slow moving target for enemy forces. Thousands were lost.

On September 27th, 2014, her cousin Rob has the honor of being his father's escort on the WW2 Honor Flight to Washington D.C.

I have heard of the Honor Flights and their purpose. They are a volunteer group of pilots that fly WWII Veterans to Washington, DC for the day, just so they can see the WWII memorial that is built there for them.  Many would never see it if it weren't for these generous volunteers.

If you would like more information please click Honor Flights.

They not only treat these Veterans as the hero's they are with the trip to their Memorial in DC but they are given a hat and jacket.

One other thing they do for these warriors is on arrival of the return flight at the end of a long day they have a mail call. Friends, Family or anyone can send them a short note thanking them for their service to us all.

Please if you can spare five minutes and a stamp PLEASE do so. The address is

PO2 Robert H Rennell 
PO BOX 2644
Plattsburgh NY12901

Additional names for this Honor Flight

Wouldn't it be grand to see them all standing amidst piles of cards and letters from grateful benefactors of their service and dedication to us all.

Thank you!


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NanaConnie said...

Thank you, Cara, for reminding each of us of something we must never forget. Honor Flight is nationwide. I'm very involved with Honor Flight in my area of the country (West Coast) and I make cards for each flight. I have contacts in The Optimists, Lions, and Kiwanis and they take the cards to their respective Service Clubs and get folks to write a brief note and sign the cards for our Honorees who are returning from Washington, DC. Honor Flight is now including Vets who served in the Korean War and some areas are even honoring Vietnam Vets because there are just so few WWII and Korean Vets left. For any of your followers who might be interested in doing something for the vets in their own area, suggest to them that they check the websites for their local Veterans of Foreign Wars or Veteran's Auxillary to get more info on what might be going on it their local community. :-D