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Friday, June 7, 2013

Fat little Bird Tutorial

I was asked again for a tutorial to make a punch bird I recently used on a card.
Let's see how this works

To make this fat little fun bird I used the following

2" circle punch
7/16" circle punch
1/4" circle punch
Scallop punch from Stampin Up!
Boho Flower punch from Stampin Up! (If you do not have this punch you can us a small heart punch for the beak and another suitable flower punch for the feet)
Some sharp scissors
Paper of choice in colors of choice (what is shown is for reference only. I am going to make a "Cardinal"  to use on a Christmas gift later so I am using Red for my bird here)
Tweezers (optional)
Embossing folder (optional)
White gel pen or googlie eyes if you wish

 Step 1
You will need to punch
one 2-inch circle in Red
one 2-inch circle in White
one scallop circle in Red
one scallop circle in yellow
two 7/16-inch circles in white
two 1/4-inch circles in black
two 6 petal flowers
one 8 petal flower 

Step 2
Emboss white 2-inch circle if you want ... here I embossed with Snowflakes.
Glue the 1/4-inch black circles (or googlie eyes) to the 7/16-inch white circles
Cut the two scallop circles in half as shown below

Step 3

Attach a small strip of scrap paper with a sticky dot to the 2-inch white circle

Step 4
Using the paper strip like a small handle you can insert the circle back into the 2-inch punch for trimming. Line out where you want and punch.

Step 5
Cut the scallop circle halves as shown.
Cut the small 8 petal flower as shown
(I've left some pieces so you can see where I trimmed)

Now you start putting together your bird friend

Start by gluing the white belly onto the remaining 2-inch circle.
Add the eyes and the beak.
Glue the two 6 petal flowers to the backside of the birds body for the feet.

Glue two of the scallop pieces together a bit off center. Once they are set glue to back side of the birds body.

Finished bird!
Use the gel pen to add accents to the eyes

Here I added some Pearl smooch to the eyes (I was trying for the whole "Anime Eye" look) and  the snowflakes on the belly.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Pleae ravh out if you have any questions!
(Hugs) Cara




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Crafting with Darcy said...

Awesome tutorial, Cara! I thought I was already following your blog, but apparently wasnt. But I am now! Great blog!