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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Cabinet make-over ...

It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.  Makes you wonder what else you can do that you've forgotten about.  ~Alan Ball

Good morning!
Today I am sharing a make over.

I have been hunting for a way to store my embossing folders and thin metal dies which I currently have located in several different containers spread out all over my craft room ... drives me nuts!

While out and about several months ago, I found this 5 drawer cabinet at a local resell shop for $20.00. After some quick measuring I purchased it and dragged it home much to my husbands consternation! The nice thing about the drawers is that they pull all the way out making it easy to get to things towards the back of the drawer.

Since the weather has been awesome lately, I asked my dear husband to drag the cabinet to the back patio so I could begin the process of cleaning and repainting it.

Not pictured here is the marble slab that was attached with some sort of silcone to the top of the cabinet. If you look closed enough you can see the circles where the silicone was blobbed on. My husband threw that away as it was damaged and unusable for any other projects.

I pulled out the drawers, tighted up all the tracks, washed, sandpapered and washed again. Once dry I used a Glidden paint/primer mix but I was not happy with the coverage and finished up going over the cabinet with a couple cans of white spray paint ... I'm think now that the paint might have been old as I've never had that issue before.

I was originally going to leave the cabinet all white and change out the hardware to some red handles but while rumaging through my spray paints I found a left over can of red spray paint from another project which I decided at the last minute to use on the drawers. Love how it turned out!

Here is the finished cabinet. 

Although I might add some red details to the cabinet trim later as well as metal label holders (I think I have just enough red spray paint to cover them). I have yet to decide. What do you think?

I used foam board to divide the drawers in half. Next I need to make new index tabs then I can transfer my embossing folders and dies and clear out a lot of boxes!

I have sizzix strip dies and sizzlets but those are stored in another cabinet that works perfectly for them so I am thinking I will use the smaller top drawer to store all my embellisments that I have in several shoe boxes on a shelf. 

Overall, I'm really happy with it and can't wait to get it into my craftroom.

Thanks for stopping by!
(Hugs) Cara


Lori m said...

Lucky find and beautiful transformation, hugs, Lori m

Mia said...

Wow, Cara! What a lovely transformation of your cabinet! It is brand new now! Hugs, my dear friend!!!