Sunday, October 19, 2014


Hope so, because we are having a huge party at the Outlawz!!
Yes, you read it right!!

A party!

At the Outlawz!!

We are just about to 3000 members! ..... Woohoo!! ..... And we hope that by the end of our celebration we will have our 3000 members and be on our way to 4000!!

The Outlawz ladies have been working hard and have a boatload of sponsors, lots of prizes, and games for you, too! I believe there is also an extra challenge or two!!

If you are here at this blog, then you have the opportunity to participate in our SCAVENGER HUNT!

There are 14 of us participating in this challenge. Our names and blogs are listed below and each of us has placed a clip art image on our blogs... you need to visit each one, locate and write down their clip art.

Make sure you save this information as you will need it later when you go to the PARTY!! tab on The Outlawz website.

Let’s get started!

And here are the items you are looking for.
They should be easy to find. Look on the blog sidebars near the top!

Color Star
Dancing Couple
Party Animal
Party Balloons
Party bunting/banner
Party Confetti
Party Girl
Party Gnome
Party Hat
Party Mask
Party Penguin
Penguin Painter

Complete instructions for entering the Scavenger Hunt is on the Main Page - just click on the "Party!" Tab and if you get lost along the way, go back to the Outlawz Party tab and resume!

Have fun!!!! And don't forget to see what other activities are going on during our Party Week!!


Unknown said...

Fabulous hunt :D
party on!
Sandie x

KT Fit Kitty said...

Doing the scavenger hunt! I found your item - thank you!

(AJ) ArtJypsy said...

I love scavenger hunts. Item found *U*